Bull'S Horn Food & Drink

4563 S 34th Ave MPLS, MN 55406


Closed Mondays

Tues thru Sunday

Lunch 11-2pm

Bar Menu 2-4pm

Dinner 4-9pm

Bar Menu 9-11:45pm



This location has been a bar since 1935. We bought the building in spring of 2017 with plans to operate the bar and rent out other storefronts to revitalize the corner. Two of the spaces next door were brought into the bar footprint and original features were exposed like the transom windows. We believe the bar, the wood coolers, and the bar back area to be original.

The bar was called the Sunrise Inn as far back as the 50’s and likely since 1935. It changed hands a few times but a sale document from 1958 lists that name.

Built in 1927, there were six commercial units in the building that housed everything from a vacuum cleaner store, a bedding company, a heating company, women’s clothing store, a dairy store to a video rental and much more. The space that is Freshly Cut Barbershop was also a barbershop from 1935-1967. We have photos of the building from Kay Sharratt Bertrand who was a neighbor that grew up next door from 1936-1950 of Norge Appliance and Service and Woof Woof Market (horse meat for your dog!).

Amy and Doug are pleased to share this bar and their dream with you!